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Recommended Excel Spreadsheet
A pre-filled form for project team use (forthcoming).
   Box.Net File Exchange System
The online "cloud" for project files & submittals.
Recommended Submittals
As required by the U.S. Green Building Council.
   Process Overview Videos
Step-by-step videos (forthcoming).
Photo Documentation Requirements
As required by the U.S. Green Building Council.
   Green Home Product Selector (via Home Depot)
A collaboration between Home Depot & USGBC.
Credit Interpretation Ruling Database
You will need to create an account if you do not have one already.
   23 Simple Tips to Earn Up to 71 Points on Any LEED Project
Typical "low-hanging" fruit for projects.
Credit Specific Resources
ID - Innovation and Design
   ID 2 Durability Management Suggestions from Building Science Corporation (BSC) and the DOE
BSC - Basement Insulation Systems
BSC - Pan flashing at exterior openings
BSC / DOE - Hybrid Foundation Retrofits
   ID 3 Deconstruction (potential)
Economic Benefits of Deconstruction
You can potentially offset your deconstruction costs through a significant tax deduction by the donation of reusable building materials. This process can also be applied to tree removal.
LL - Locations and Linkages
   Tools for LL3, LL4, LL5, & LL6
SS - Sustainable Sites
   SS 2.1 No Invasive Plants (Prerequisite)
Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States
If your landscape professional is considering any of the plants on this list, it is recommended that you click on each species to be certain that the plant is NOT considered an invasive in your county.
WE - Water Efficiency
EA - Energy and Atmosphere
     EA General Air Sealing and Thermal By-Pass Requirements

Guidebook for strategies used for Energy Star v3 Thermal Enclosure Checklist (excellent resource for air sealing strategies)

Guidance for Thermal Bypass Checklist strategies

The Thermal Bypass Checklist current used for LEED for Homes
     EA1.1/1.2 Required submittals for energy modeling (Prerequisite)

Submittals List: Your HERS rater absolutely needs these items to produce the most accurate energy model for your project. When a model is produced from plans, oftentimes defaults are used which can reduce the number of available points in the LEED for Homes process. When it comes to the final model, the actually installed products will be input, but only if you provide the submittals.
MR - Materials and Resources
     MR1.1 Framing waste factor (Prerequisite)

Example back up documentation: What we look for is the original order from the contractor sent to the lumber yard and then the "purchase order" or invoice from the lumber yard that would indicate the amount of "back-out" that was sent. "Back-out" is typically additional lumber that is sent by the lumber yard to compensate for irregular cuts and bracing.

     MR1.2 Detailed framing documents

What we look for is beyond the standard floor and roof framing plans that are common with most construction. This credit also requires framing elevations that indicates the componentry of walls. Typically this is more work for the architect/designer, and would be beyond their scope.
Example from the architect/designer

However, when a lumberyard puts together a quote, they may do a detailed take-off that indicates wall componentry in a list format. The example below indicates how this is done to be considered acceptable documentation.
Example from the lumberyard


MR2.1 What is tropical wood? (Prerequisite)
(image map) Wood species common to and harvested in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Here is a typical MR 2.1 notice that we recommend that you send out to all of your suppliers & vendors that are providing anything comprised of wood for the project.

     MR2.2 What documentation is really needed?
Unless the product is needed for a specific LEED credit, it is not necessary for certification.
     MR3.1/3.2 Waste management planning and reduction (MR 3.1 is a prerequisite)
The MR 3.1/3.2 template that is provided must be on your own letterhead
EQ - (Indoor) Environmental Quality
     EQ 8.1 Protection of IEQ during construction
The EQ 8.1 template that is provided must be on your own letterhead
     EQ 8.3 Flush-out
The EQ 8.3 template that is provided must be on your own letterhead
AE - Awareness and Education

AE 1.1 Operations & Maintenance Manual (Prerequisite)

Manual components list: An easy to read list of what the project team would actually need to provide within the Operations and Maintenance Manual

USGBC provided template in PDF format: This template must be customized for your specific project. Refer to the "manual components list" above for additional content guidance. An editable word version is also available once a project registers.

USGBC provided guidance for the O&M manual

     Proper method of calculating square footage for the LEED for Homes program (Prerequisite)

All governed by ANSI Z-765 and includes all directly conditioned square footage, whether finished or not, that meets building code requirements for living space (e.g., head room, egress, etc.).
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Recommendations / Resources used by LTLB Envirotecture:


Building Science Corporation

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home

ACCA certified contractors for Energy Star v3

Green Builder® Coalition "Green Building Administrator"


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